ImpactResearch was founded by Susan Berman in 1989. Berman, President of ImpactResearch, holds a masters degree in communication research from Stanford University and is completing a Ph.D. in Public Health from Saint Louis University.

ImpactResearch is a full-service market research firm specializing in in-person interviews, focus groups and quantitative research/clinical studies from project initiation to completion. Direct acquisition of research contracts, often interfacing with the director of marketing, board members, CEO’s, presidents, top executives, physicians, customers, and patients. Hire and train staff, recruit and conduct interviews/focus groups. Honesty, integrity, and meeting or exceeding research requests are of utmost importance. IR conducts both qualitative and quantitative research studies on a variety of topics including; health care image and satisfaction studies, pharmaceutical product development, clinical trials, new technologies, on-line services, product/brand marketing, and social science oriented research. Projects have been conducted in music, film, television, food, health care, pharmaceutical, medical device educational, and governmental industries.

Research Capabilities

-Identify and clarify the problem/project with client,

-Determine appropriate sample, the optimum sample size,

-Determine correct data collection procedures - survey, focus groups or interview;

-Develop questionnaire instruments, focus group moderator guides,

-Specialized recruiting for in-person interviews and focus groups,

-Lead focus groups and conduct individual interviews,

-Provide summaries and interpretation in professionally prepared written reports, .Design and coordinate clinical trials with physicians, product managers, biologics,

-Provide strategic marketing plans and public relations/advertising suggestions.

Berman takes pride in personally leading focus groups and conducting individual interviews. With her approachable style and warm personality, respondents are usually open, honest and self revealing. Interviewees in turn feel positive about taking part in the interview or focus group.

ImpactResearch provides particular expertise in research related to behavioral health service issues including health care, education, attitude and behavior assessment, and media impact. Berman is exceptionally well versed in, and sensitive to the ethnic, social class, age and gender differences so important in the world today.